Cast update #1

Hey Guys! 

We have been so busy the last 8 weeks in pre-production planning for our shoot this July. We are planning on a 10 day shoot which means we have a lot of work to do in preparation for a fast shooting schedule. 

We've also been hard at work nailing down our cast, and our lead role was almost the easiest to fill. When we first saw her audition tape we knew we had found someone special.

I'd like to introduce you to Jennica Schwartzman who will be playing the role of Rachel!

 Jennica grew up a #PastorsKid in the spotlight of her small & dangerous SoCal hometown (#MoVal). She escaped & studied acting (#CSUF) to portray unique coming-of-age fictional characters dealing with life re-examined (#actortalk). She is #obsessed with age and time. She prefers to be called An Actor (#feminist); she trained with the most tyrannical, brilliantly beautiful, and self-obsessed Russian actress, #Svet. Though Jennica has had an empty water bottle thrown at her head while performing, she loves it and continues to do all she can to tackle challenging and #quirky #scenestealing roles in film. You may have seen her as the nanny in the beloved soap #AllMyChildren, the one-that-got-away in the musician centered drama #BeforeTheLightsComeUp, the selfless mother from the 1950's period piece #TheMeasureofaMan, the inspiring best friend in #GordonFamilyTree, or in the upcoming dramedy #ParkersAnchor. She and her husband @RyanSchwartzman- AKA The Nicest Man to ever walk the Earth - produce short & feature length content with their company #PURPOSEPICTURES. They are a blossoming #powercouple with a #toddler whose angelic smile can wipe a frown off of Scrooge McDuck! Seriously, though, she is honored to get to work alongside fellow artists to bring important societal issues to light. Through stories one can change hearts and therefore change lives. Follow her & join the discussion @JennicaRenee 

We think the world of Jennica and can't wait to get started. 

Thanks so much again for all your support. It means everything to us and we will work everyday to make you guys glad you supported this!